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To Papa, With Love: A Father’s Day Tribute


For Father’s Day, Francis Libiran writes a letter to his father—paying tribute to the one who taught him about business, love, and life.

Growing up, I was very lucky to have a strong support system from my loving family. None of the things that I have achieved today wouldn’t have been possible if they weren’t around. But I know that today is extra special because I am celebrating the person who taught me everything I know about business, love, and life—and that person is my Papa.

Learning by Example

We didn’t have a perfect relationship. We have different opinions and do not share the same personalities, but our goal in life is one and the same: to earn success through hard work.

I admire my Papa’s business intellect. He was the one who instilled in me my work ethic—to put my clients’ satisfaction first by giving only the best service. That is why every time I talk to my clients, I do not treat them like strangers who are just consulting with me. I treat them like friends. Everyone is treated equally.


Watching my Papa take care of our family also inspires me to give generously to the people who have supported and cared for me over the years. Papa is our strongman—the one who guides us through life. He is our rock and we lean on him when the going gets tough.

Strict but Soft, Strong and Kind

Our clients’ fathers also embody these paternal attributes. Whenever we see our brides on their wedding day, I always look at their fathers’ reactions. Seeing their little girls transitioning as wives makes their eyes well up with tears. Still, they look on proudly at the daughters they raised.

Likewise, our grooms’ dads are also seen clapping their sons at the back or hugging them before walking down the aisle as if saying, “Take care of your family like I took care of you.”

These are small moments in significant milestones that some people overlook, but make me really misty-eyed. Fathers may seem very strict, but they are soft-hearted, too, and their love for their family spans unthinkable depths.

My Papa reminds me of a quote I read from Diana Manning: “It takes a man of gentleness and patience, strength and compassion to be the fine example of fatherhood that you’ve been.” And he is. I am a very proud, beloved son of his.

To all the dads in the world who gave their all for their families and to all the single parents who had to take double roles to keep their loved ones afloat, you have my utmost respect and admiration for your unconditional love and sacrifices. Today, we celebrate all of you.

From all of us here at Francis Libiran, Happy Fathers’ Day!



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