Toss your way to prosperity with these unique yu shengs this year


There are few dishes that are as customary as yu sheng during Chinese New Year.

The messy salad is incredibly popular for various reasons: diners will have to shout auspicious phrases, and toss the salad as high as possible to symbolise the increase in good fortune.

The rowdy affair will be a little quieter this year at restaurants since diners have to be subject to COVID-19 restrictions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t order takeout and lo hei at home.

yu shengs
Yu sheng isn’t just another salad. (Image credit: Yan)

Traditionally, yu sheng is served with raw fish slices to signal the Chinese idiom, nian nian you yu, loosely translated to abundance and happiness every year.

In recent years, decadent seafood options like abalone and lobster are used in conjunction with the fish slices or as its replacement. An increasing number of restaurants are also creating alternatives to fish too. From beef to pufferfish, here are the most unique yu shengs to toss your way to prosperity this year.

(Hero and featured image credit: Regent Singapore)

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