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Turkey to benefit from rise in budget-conscious travellers: GlobalData



With traveler confidence taking yet another hit amid the rising cost-of-living across Europe, Turkey will emerge as the destination of choice for budget-conscious travelers in 2022, finds GlobalData. Research from GlobalData’s Traveler Spending Patterns database shows that in-destination spending is relatively low in Turkey, despite the average stay for inbound tourists (9.7 days) being the second-longest in Europe in 2021.

Compared to average inbound expenditure in popular leisure destinations such as Spain and Portugal, travelers could potentially save anywhere between $230 and $770 per trip if they travel to Turkey instead of these destinations.

Craig Bradley, travel and tourism analyst at GlobalData, said: “Turkey’s market position is likely to strengthen due to current consumer sentiment. In a GlobalData Q3 2021 Global Consumer Survey, 58% of respondents said cost was a key influencing factor when booking a trip, making it the leading incentive to book a holiday.”

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