Updates on Thailand’s quarantine schemes and New Year festivities

t 08 Updates on Thailands quarantine schemes and New Year festivities
An update from the Thai government regarding Thailand’s Covid-19 situation, reporting from the Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA)

The CCSA meeting this morning also discussed research on COVID-19 vaccines and was pleased to note the results of research, which found that an mRNA booster dose is effective in protecting the elderly from the Omicron variant, and that an AstraZeneca booster dose similarly provides effective protection against Omicron.

– The hospitalization rate from the Omicron variant thus far is less than the Delta variant. However, this is no reason for society to let their guard down. Medical personnel are still consistently exposed to the virus and the general public’s immunity is also changing.

*New Year Festivities*

– New year festivities are still allowed to take place, although the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has cancelled its own events, citing public health safety.

– The private sector is allowed to host New Year festivities, but will have to strictly enforce disease control guidelines. This includes wearing masks, negative ATK results, registration, and temperature checks. The meeting this morning discussed public health precautions for New Year festivities in various parts of the country, including Chiang Mai, Phuket, Ayutthaya, Rayong, and NakornRatchasima, to ensure that they are up to standard.

*Update on Thailand Pass*

– The different quarantine schemes:

  • 7 days quarantine applies to travelers who have a certificate of vaccination to confirm that they have been fully vaccinated with an approved vaccine for at least 14 days before traveling to Thailand.
  • 10 days quarantine applies to travelers who do not have a certificate of vaccination.
  • 14 days quarantine applies to travelers from African countries other than the previously designated high-risk countries, which are constantly being reviewed.

– Out of the total number of travelers, 525 tested positive for COVID-19, or 0.26 percent, which is relatively low, and reflects the strong disease screening protocols in place.

*Vaccination Progress*

– As of 23 December, 70.6 percent of the population in Thailand has received their first dose, and 62.5 per cent have received their second dose.

– At the beginning of this month, Thailand expressed her interest in joining the African Vaccine Acquisition Trust (Avat) to donate COVID-19 vaccines to the African continent. Thailand stands in solidarity with other countries in combatting the virus and abides by the principle that no one is safe until everyone is safe.

*General Situation*

– The average daily number of cases over the past week is 2,830 cases, which is a good sign that we are now going down to two thousand plus, compared to the previous three thousand to four thousand plus cases per day.

– Thailand has now detected 205 cases of Omicron, which is what we expected from the WHO’s report on the doubling rate within a few days.

– The free ATK testing for 4 risk groups to control the spread of COVID-19.

– The 4 risk groups include the elderly, those who are suspected of infection, close contacts of confirmed cases, and people working in community healthcare.

– Free ATK testing is available via a drive through service at the Bangkok Bus Terminal (Borommaratchachonnani Road or Sai Tai Mai) and 11 hospitals affiliated with the BMA.


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