upgrade your mask for BioVYZR, a personal air purifying face shield

toronto-based VYZR technologies was founded by a passionate team of designers, problem solvers, and entrepreneurs, in response to the absence of innovative and effective protective personal equipment (PPE) available to the public. by believing that the real challenge is not COVID-19, but all airborne pathogens and other environmental hazards, they have created BioVYZR — a consumer-grande powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) that filters air and shields the user’s personal space.

as overstated as it looks, the BioVYZR lets you venture out and breathe easy while protecting users against airborne hazards in our daily environment. featuring a bubble-shaped case that you put over your head and wrap around your waist, the design provides a 360-degree seal that shields all sides of the user’s personal space. the built-in purifying system filters pathogens, allergens, and pollutants from the air by using N-95 filtration.

made with neoprene, marine vinyl and ripstop, the BioVYZR is completely weatherproofed and weighs 1.25 kg, including the battery pack, where it packs its technology into its practical design. its key benefits include, among others: anti-fogging face shield, high optical clarity and wide angle view, fan lasts 8-12 hours on a single charge, and ultra-quiet airflow. users can use it at crowded spaces both indoors and outdoors, airports and planes, public transportation, school and universities, event and conferences, and in any group recreational activities.

project info:

name: BioVYZR

company: VYZR tech

type: air purifying face shield

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