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We continue to discover Thailand and fly quickly following


Are you willing to climb this height to capture the striking view of Phra Nang Beach in Krabi Province?!!

If this lush greenery of Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park landscape is not gorgeous enough then I don’t know what else
Nestled in coconut palm fields, The insanely beautiful luxury “Four Seasons Resort” is Thailand 5 star luxury resort located in Samui Island. It presents you the great view of the pristine tropical beach, the crystal clear water,the calm blue sea ,the fresh breeze and the authentic local lifestyle along with the best service you will get right away you check in!
If you are scuba diving addict, there is no way that you have never ever heard of Koh Tao ,aka the turtle island, since it is one of the best diving bets of all time! The deeper you dive, the more striking marine life you will get to see whether it be the large of fish, , white moral eels, colorful reef and the largest animal in the world “THE WHALE SHARK”!!
If you wish you could turn back time to the era when dinosaurs were still real, I recommend you to stop by at “Dinosaur Valley”. This rousing site is located in Suan Nong Nooch Tropical Garden,Pattaya city. And it became the new popular attraction for visitors since its launch! The valley will bring you back to the pre-historical vibes to meet some of the best known beasts from the Cretaceous and Jurassic period, including Triceratops and Tyrannosaurs Rex. Don’t forget to bring your camera or your phone to capture the thrill of the real size dinosaur statues. Besides, visitors are allowed to get up close to take selfies with them too!
Pa La-U Waterfall is nestled in Kaeng Krachan National Park,one of Thailand’s largest national park and adjacent to the Myanmar border, in Phetchaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan Provinces. It is famous for its surrounding and having various species of birds and butterflies. There are 15 levels, but only first three or four levels are good enough for you to spend your day enjoying cool and refreshing water. The third stage is the most popular for visitors as it has a large, deep pool and plenty of large fish swimming in it. However,the seventh stage,being reachable through trekking, has the most gorgeous view. The waterfall can be visited at any time of the year, but the prime time to visit is from November to April and to watch the butterflies from 7A.M. to 10A.M. The waterfall can be reached by local transport from Hua Hin for a distance of 63 kilometers.
It might be one of our best mornings if we woke up and had a beautiful beach with crystal clear water in front of our eyes . We could swim and float in it all day like this lovely Moken kid. Just look how happy she is!!♥ FYI: Moken people or sea people ,at times, they got called as sea gypsies as well,is an Austronesian people of the Mergui Archipelago, they are a minority tribe that living along the Andaman Coast of Burma and Thailand. The Moken have their own culture and unique language according to their Austronesian roots. Besides, they have such a special skills i.e. clearly seeing underwater without using swimming goggles and also holding their breath longer underwater than normal people do as they were taught since they were little. Normally, they spend their day much in the sea, that’s why they required outstanding abilities adapting to their own lifestyle.
Wowwww they look like they really had a great time rafting in Chiangmai And ,btw, our contest is still open for the risk-taker like you!
I can say that there are so many weird things hidden in Thailand and this bizarrely unique Eco friendly coconut shell wood light souvenir is one of them. I would say these stuff required a lot of creativity, effort and skills. The price of each one is affordable nonetheless. Feel free to take one for making your home have more tropical sense even though snow is falling outside.
Here is Wat Pha Lat or Wat Sakithaka, the hidden gem covered in moss ,nestled in the forest along the way to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep ,one of famous temples in Thailand. Having been omitted by visitors, the temple surrounding is always tranquil and full of incredibly dense forest. Hiding under tree canopy makes it harder to find, yet the stunning vista of it is massively worth to you to go find it. You can get to Wat Pha Lat by a taxi or a songteaw from the city to Wat Phra Tat Doi suthep. However, the best way I will recommend you is to do a short trekking. With this means, you will trek along the monk’s trail to Wat Sakithaka and can capture the surreal landscapes around you at the same time. ***There is no shops or food stalls here, so don’t forget to bring a bottle of water and some food or snacks with you too. Nonetheless, please bear in mind not to dumb any rubbish there to save the environment.

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