Which Hawaiian Island Should I Visit?


Hawaii is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful states in

the country. Unlike most of the U.S., Hawaii is made up of several islands in

the Pacific Ocean, making it a unique vacation destination for millions of

people every year. If you are planning your first trip to Hawaii, you need to

first decide which island or islands you’ll visit. In this post, you’ll learn

about some of the top Hawaiian Islands to help you figure out which is best for



Maui is a prime honeymoon destination and arguably the most

romantic of all the Hawaiian Islands. It is home to some of the most pristine

beaches in the state, including Makena Beach Park and Kaanapali Beach. A visit

to Haleakala National Park to behold the awe-inspiring Kadhala volcano is a

must for anyone interested in sightseeing around the island and finding unique

attractions in Maui. Another fabulous way to bask in the natural beauty of Maui

is to take a drive along the Road to Hana, famous for its spectacular views of

waterfalls and exotic landscapes, or to book a rental in a luxury vacation home

in Maui. If you and your significant other are down to do a bit of hiking, you

will want to check out the Iao Valley, a 10-mile trek that leads to the unique

“Needle,” a towering rock formation covered in greenery. Maui is a nature

enthusiast’s paradise, and its gorgeous scenery makes it a top-rate destination

for a romantic getaway in a luxurious beachfront rental. 


On the island of Oahu, you get the best of both worlds. By

day you can hike the lush, green rainforest, go for a surf, snooze on the white

sand beaches, and sip a frosty cocktail; and by night you can experience the

bustling nightlife of the state’s capital, Honolulu. It’s also the best island

to visit if you consider yourself something of a history buff and are

interested in visiting Pearl Harbor, Pearl Harbor National Museum, and other

unique attractions. For other historical and cultural experiences, it’s worth

carving out some time in your vacation itinerary to visit the Iolani Palace, the

mansion that belonged to the last remaining monarchs of Hawaii, and the

Polynesian Cultural Center. If you want to spend one evening on the beach

instead of in the city center of Honolulu, treat yourself to the experience of

watching the hula and fire dancers put on an unforgettable show at the Paradise

Cove Luau. 


Of all the main Hawaiian Islands, Kauai is the oldest. It’s

also one of the rainiest, but don’t let that deter you from planning a visit

there. Because it frequently rains, the island is incredibly lush, with

staggeringly beautiful forests, green hills, and exotic flowers. Kauai is also

known for having some of the tallest sea cliffs in the world, making for great

views of the island and the waters surrounding it. Get up close and personal with

the majestic beauty of the beaches and wildlife by booking an ocean view

rental. Imagine waking up to the sights and sounds of the ocean every morning

while sipping your morning coffee and having a scrumptious breakfast filled

with fresh fruits and Hawaiian staples. Once you’ve fueled up on some protein,

make a day of visiting as many unique attractions in Kauai as possible. Some of

the most popular spots include Queen’s Bath, a swimmable sinkhole; Koke’e State

Park, great for hiking mountain trails; and Polihale State Park, a prime beach

locale comprised of white sands and towering cliffs. 

The Big Island

Finally, Hawaii’s main island, known as Big Island, is home

to some of the most unique attractions in the entire state. Spend a few hours

touring the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to stand in awe of the Thurston Lava

Tube and the Kilauea Volcano, both natural wonders unlike anything else you

might find in the world. If you’re a fan of both hiking and gorgeous ocean

views, trek along Waipio Valley trails and don’t forget to bring your camera

with you. Finally, for a unique beaching experience, spend the day at Punalu’u

Beach, a black sand beach with a variety of sea turtle breeds strolling along

the shore.

Ready to make your dream vacation to Hawaii a reality? Let

us help you with the planning!


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