Winter Wonderland


The best of winter snow and Santa Claus in Lapland.

Bundle up and head to Lapland this winter for fun. You can enjoy the thrill of a unique winter experience in Lapland north of the Arctic Circle, that is taken over by the twilight period for some of the winter, a time when the Sun does not rise above the horizon. In the most northern corners of Lapland, this twilight period can last for up to 51 days.

Winter usually begins in mid-October, which is at least a month< earlier than other parts of Finland. Winter is the longest season, lasting up to 200 days. As a result, Lapland provides a whole range of winter activities to experience. The freezing temperatures can fall to as low as -45 to -50°C. During these frosty conditions, you can also spot the amazingly colourful light phenomenon from the dark starry skies – the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. After the onset of winter, the snow falls on open ground for around two weeks and the snow cover gets thicker right through to March.


I love dogs so just had to go for a husky ride. Can you imagine yourself being pulled on a sled by huskies? The grand husky team leads you through the wintry countryside, allowing you to concentrate on enjoying and admiring the surrounding nature, while the huskies enjoy doing their own job.

The husky dog sled team, a way of travel first developed by the Inuit of Greenland, is naturally perfectly suited for the arctic conditions of Finnish Lapland. Lapland has also been the venue for a number of different husky sled dog competitions for already over a decade. Husky safaris are very popular in Lapland.

Controlling a team of huskies is easy, so it is well worth trying! The number of huskies in the team depends on the amount of supplies carried, the weight of the musher and the distance covered on the safari. Trips are tailored to suit everyone, and can fluctuate from short sprints covering just over a kilometre up to a husky sled dog adventure taking up to ten days and nights. During longer and more demanding trips, overnight stays are done in wilderness cabins equipped with sauna. Husky dog team excursions are arranged all over Lapland in holiday resorts and populated areas.


An essential part of a true Lappish holiday experience is a reindeer sleigh ride. In the Lapland of days gone by, people and goods were moved from one place to the next in a small sleigh pulled by a reindeer.


You need patience here and the cold gets to you but it’s fun and Ice fishing is a great way to catch fish and it is a good activity for the whole group. Ice fishing belongs to Everyman’s Rights, so you don’t need to purchase a separate permit. Why don’t you organise a fishing competition for your group or family just for fun to give fishing a new dimension. The equipment you need to start ice fishing is rod and tackle, bait and a container to store the catch. Bait normally used

varies from earthworms to maggots. Catches you can expect

vary from salmoniformes to perch, depending on the fishing



Santa Claus Village is a unique destination located on the Arctic Circle in the Town of Rovaniemi. Here you can follow a trail telling some of Santa’s secrets and full of experiences that leads you to the new Santa Claus Office, where the much loved Santa Claus is waiting to meet you! At the Santa Claus Village you can also see the very busy elves working at the Santa Claus Main Post Office, explore Finnish Christmas traditions in the Christmas Exhibition and take part in plenty of other fun activities!

Located rather close to Rovaniemi in the depths of the forest is the fairytale-like Joulukka where guests can experience the secret wonder of Christmas. Led by the elves, you will have the chance to join a real Elf School, try the Christmas ambiance of the magical Santa Trail, meet the elves or Santa himself doing their Christmas chores. And if you’ve been good, maybe, just maybe you will be allowed access to the Santa Claus Top Secret Command Centre.

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