Workers rush factory’s generous redundancy package


A factory at Amata City Industrial Estate hit by Covid-19 offered an early retirement package aimed at cutting its workforce by 428, and it was so good almost 900 employees applied for it.

Workers formed a long queue, eager to sign up for voluntary redundancy.

The package, announced on Wednesday, had so far attracted almost 900 applicants, far more than the target set by the factory at 428, according to @amatacitytoday Facebook page.

The name of the company was not disclosed, but the Facebook page described it as a manufacturer of building facilities at Amata City Industrial Estate.

According to a document displayed on the page, the firm offered retirement packages of up to 37 months and 10 days of the salaries of employees who had served 20 years or more.

Those who had worked between 10 and 20 years would receive payments of 32 months of their salary; 6 to 9 years 30 months, and 3 to 5 years 26 months.

The post was widely shared online and received favourable comments from many people, who agreed they would be happy to work for a company that paid such good compensation.

Workers form a long queue to apply for the voluntarily early retirement scheme at a factory in Amata City Industrial Estate, Chon Buri, on Wednesday.

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