You’ll want to linger over these great six-second cough-remedy ads


Ad Nut submits that some of the best work in advertising is being done in the six-second YouTube format. There’s no time to waste. Capturing attention is paramount. You have to make your point quickly while also being entertaining. The bumper format forces brands and agencies to distill their message, and when they do that well, the outcome is concise and memorable.

Case in point, a new campaign for a cough remedy called Duro-Tuss. Honouring a long history of medicine ads, the creators of the campaign—iNova Pharmaceuticals and Clemenger BBDO Sydney—have chosen to personify the symptom. But instead of an animated character—a ploy that was overdone a decade ago—we get a creepy, annoying, boorish dude who is literally labeled Lingering Cough. He proceeds to intrude upon the personal space of and otherwise harass the symptom sufferer, a woman who is just trying to do some yoga.

In the video window above, Ad Nut has included Ad Nut’s four favourite six-second spots, followed by an epic-by-comparison 15-second clip. But Ad Nut heartily encourages you to watch this playlist to see all 13 fun variations the creators have come up with, and then imagine how effective they’ll be in cementing the symptom-brand association upon repeated viewings. 


Clemenger BBDO Sydney

Executive Creative Directors: Darren Wright & Brendan Willenberg

Creative Directors: Malcolm Caldwell & Ian Broekhuizen

Senior Business Director: Smaran Jworchan

Senior Producers: Jo Howlett & Esmé Fisher

Post Production Supervisor: Kirstin Lees

Offline Editor: Emily Cornelius

Sound Engineer: Robbie Balatincz

Finished Artist: Greg Lamb

Director: Chris Hill

Production Company: Airbag

Production EP: Alex Tizzard

Production Producer: Megan Ayers

DOP: Ed Goldner

Photography: Myles Pritchard

Media Agency: MediaHub

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