Your last-minute guide to the best Christmas 2021 menus in Singapore


This Christmas, we covered boozy gifts, desserts and home cooking so far, but we are far from peak eating. For the main event on Christmas Eve or Day, this guide to 15 restaurants with lavish Christmas 2021 menus might come in handy.

This year, we have a sumptuous Italian affair from the likes of Lavo, Zafferano and Griglia, as well as a festive pizza and pasta from Peperoni. Lawry’s The Prime Rib offers their signature cut and other gourmet dishes, and Tanjong Beach Club serves brunch by the beach.

The Gyu Bar brings wintry delicacies with its snow aged wagyu, as Flnt takes offers a mashup of Peruvian and Japanese flavours through its unique Nikkei cuisine. Also fusing cultures is Indian restaurant Adda, which is cooking tandoori turkey.

restaurants christmas feasts 2021
Snow aged wagyu katsu curry (Image credit: The Gyu Bar)

Lime Restaurant presents a buffet of festive favourites, and Ce Va Li offers views of Santa rushing through the sky as you tuck into a five course meal. Salted and Hung applies its minimal waste ethos to its Christmas set menus, and two Michelin starred Saint Pierre brings the flash with caviar, black truffle and high end seafood. Finally, Overeasy makes ‘Murica great again with its beer can chicken.

Here are 15 restaurants in Singapore offering the best Christmas 2021 menus:

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