4 police officers deny demanding fees escorting Chinese tourists


Four junior police officers, who are accused of providing vehicular escort services for a fee to Chinese tourists travelling from Suvarnabhumi international airport to their hotels in Bangkok, have been summoned to the Office of the Inspector-General to acknowledge charges of gross disciplinary violation. 

The two traffic police officers and two tourist police officers admitted that they were the four men seen in a video providing escorts to Chinese tourists, which was posted on social media, but they deny that they had done anything which has tarnished the reputation of the Thai police or that they had demanded a fee from the tourists, according to Pol Maj-Gen Jenkamon Khamnuan, an inspecting commander attached to the Office of the Inspector-General.

The four officers also say that they used their own vehicles, two motorcycles and a car, which were modified to look like police escort vehicles.

The clip went viral on social media after a Chinese tourist boasted on her Facebook page that those visiting Thailand could be provided with a VIP escort service, from the airport to their hotels by the Thai police, but for a fee. The revelation also sparked widespread criticism of the police.

The four officers have been transferred from their original units, pending the outcome of a disciplinary investigation.

Regarding the Chinese tourist, Pol Maj-Gen Jenkamon said that the video is sufficient evidence to prove the facts about the escort service adding, however, that police still need time to investigate whether the officers demanded fees for their service.

If the disciplinary committee rules that the officers are found guilty as charged, they will face dismissal from the service, he added.

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