Businessmen donate 50,000 N95 face masks to the poor in Mae Sai district


A group of businessmen in Mae Sai district of Thailand’s northern province of Chiang Mai have donated money to buy 50,000 N95 face masks, for distribution to residents of the district, especially to poor and vulnerable people who cannot afford to buy them.

One of the businessmen, Nikom Apirattanakosol, told the media that he has had to put up with the choking air pollution for several consecutive days, wearing a face mask every day, while there are many other people in the district who cannot afford or who have no time to buy suitable masks.

He said that he decided to persuade some of his business friends to pool their money to buy 50,000 N95 masks for free distribution to people who need them.

PM2.5 dust in all areas of Mae Sai district today (Friday) exceeded Thailand’s 50 micron safety level by several times, according to readings at 7am. For instance, at Ko Chang sub-district hospital, the level was 687 microns, at the Si Mueang Chum Tambon Administrative Organisation (TAO) office, the level was 612 microns and 585 microns in the Wiang Pang Kham municipality.

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