Fahmi: People free to express views on social media, just don’t touch on sensitive issues


KUALA LUMPUR,. Members of the public are free to create and express creative content on social media platforms provided it does not touch sensitivities related to the 3Rs – race (nation), religion and royalty.

Communications and Digital minister Fahmi Fadzil said the ministry will continue to monitor such contents with the cooperation of social media platform providers to ensure that such contents do not touch on the sensitivities of the 3Rs.

“In terms of public security, the government will take swift action in the event of any public disturbances caused by such action or problems through the spread of deviant teachings, militant extremism, and terrorism.

“In Malaysia, we do not prevent anyone from expressing themselves or voicing out, but we have laws, manners, and culture.

“It is important to remember that while we have the freedom to speak, we do not have the right to spread slander anyone or spread fake information,” he told reporters after officiating the KNKV Viral Award and KNKV Group rebranding ceremony yesterday.

Meanwhile, Fahmi said the ministry, particularly the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), does not often ask social media platform providers to delete content unless it receives complaints from the public, or it is found to touch on the 3Rs.

“Nearly 95 per cent of content that is removed is due to the content creator violating community guidelines (set by the platform provider). If this happens repeatedly, the platform itself will close the account,” he said.

— Bernama

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