Hazardous industrial waste dumped in old landfill in Ayutthaya


Hazardous industrial waste has recently been found dumped into an old landfill in Phachi district of Ayutthaya province.

Responding to complaints filed by villagers living near thel landfill in Villages 2 and 3 of Khok Muang sub-district, officials from the Nonthaburi-based pollution control office and from Phachi district went to investigate.

They discovered that six pits, each about 2 metres deep and 4 metres in diameter, had been dug in the old landfill and filled with liquid industrial waste.

Pollution control officials took samples to measure the ground’s pH level and found that it was 11.5, which makes it hazardous.

The officials also took surface water samples and from wells in the vicinity of the landfill and samples of the waste to determine the heavy metal content and other contaminants.

The area has been cordoned off for public safety and to prevent unauthorised access.

Pitaya Pramotvoraphan, deputy director-general of the Pollution Control Department, said he had recommended that local authorities file complaints with the local police and keep watch on the site to prevent further illegal dumping of industrial waste.

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