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Ignorance is Bliss

Todd Hayen

I was lying on my bed this morning playing with our new puppy, Daisy, and was focused on the moment. The cute dog, the soft bed, the warm room, the fact that I could breathe, my heart was beating, all seemed good and pristine.

Then my mind started to wander outside the room, down the stairs, out the front door. As my mind glided down the street it passed someone walking their dog with a mask on, then a few others, riding bikes, driving cars, all with masks. Not everyone I encountered had a mask of course, but enough did to rattle my brain back into reality.

My mind continued to fly through the town, the province, the country and saw all kinds of things that clearly were not right. Assisted suicides rather than treatment, children being sexualized in public school, pornography, drugs. Threats of forced vaccination (STILL), movements towards more mandates, more restrictions that have not been yet implemented.

My mind breezed over to Russia, Ukraine, and China. Thoughts invaded it about war, nuclear proliferation, spy balloons. The WHO crept in with violations to self and country with pandemic treaties, digital IDs, social credit scores, and Central Bank Digital Currencies.

My blissful ignorance had ended.

My thoughts zapped back into the moment, the dog, the room, the warm bed, the sunlight streaming through the window. All was good again. Or was it? Of course not, but wow was it comfortable being away from the wrongs of the world and just staying in the comfort of “the moment.” Can that bliss be sustained? For some it obviously can, at least from a conscious perspective.

I am a psychotherapist, and see many people in treatment every week. I do believe, unless chalking this up to paranoia, people are suffering from a pervasive unconscious dark energy. It just seems the world has tightened up due to toxicity. Whether people are conscious of it or not, it is still there, gnawing at them from the inside.

Those of us more in the know are also more conscious, although we can be deceived, like I was this morning, believing for a moment the world was not really in such a bad state. We all live this way to some degree. Most of us reside in rather opulent countries if we live in the West. We are in denial most of the time. If the sun shines on our little patch of the world, then we soak that up and largely ignore the rest of the globe where children are starving or war is raging. (This isn’t true for everyone of course.) This is a natural human survival technique, and cannot be brushed away as a display of selfishness or ignorance. We are supposed to live a happy life, why concern ourselves with things we cannot control? This is true to an extent, although the world would indeed be a better place if we showed, as a mass group, at least some concern for the world at large.

Clearly some of you out there already do this, and some to a rather large extent. I am just making general statements, and I am not pointing this out to make anyone feel bad. Most of us do our best. The point I am making is that it is instinctual to focus on our position with regard to contentment and happiness in the current moment, where we do have at least a modicum of control. Since, as I said earlier, many of us (and probably everyone reading this) are privy to the real happenings in the world that will have profound effect on our “in the moment” life at some future point. We are sitting in the tension of awareness that any contentment and peace we now feel is fleeting. Reality will soon hit us hard—the other shoe will soon drop.

But why do we concern ourselves with any of this “outer world” turmoil at all? Why not find the least affected place in the world that we can afford to be in and just live out the rest of our lives in relative contentment and happiness? This can’t be answered in a way that would account for everyone. We each have different nuanced reasons for engaging in this fight. For some of us it is religious and spiritual, for others it concerns the world we are leaving behind for our children, and for others it is due to our intense belief in freedom, character, and fundamental values as a human being.

The essential issue I am addressing in this article is what do we do when the battle seems too far away to engage with, and we feel as if we are slipping into complacency? Our current desire, as war weary individuals, is to relax, and enjoy what is left of a peaceful life. Actually there is nothing wrong with that sentiment. We will be called to action again soon enough. But that waiting can also be a source of very difficult angst. We are ready to go, after being sufficiently primed by the whirlwind of the last three years, and at the same time we are ready for a much-deserved rest and return to life.

Some of us can sacrifice what is necessary to keep us in battle even during this lull. There are always marches, court cases, injustices at the local level that we can become involved in. Some of us have a more difficult time devoting time and commitment to anything but the “in your face” assault.

As, yours truly, Dr. Doom would say, I think that “in your face assault” is coming. And who knows how we individually will deal with it. I do think there is a possibility that many of us will appear to retreat. There is a point where an oppression is just too formidable to effectively hit head on. Much like the “resistance” groups we saw in France and elsewhere during World War II. There is no point in small numbers being slaughtered in a frontal assault when that small group could be much more effective underground.

But we are not at the point where those sorts of decisions need to be made. And there is a small possibility, if you are old enough, that you could go underground, in a “not so affected” place in the world and skate through to your natural death. This “not so affected” place could be a shack in the middle of the Mojave Desert miles away from the closest 7-11. A life with the jackrabbits and rattlesnakes, with a shotgun on your lap, watching the sunset over the distant mountains while eating a can of beans you opened with a pocketknife. Bring it on, baby. Sounds appealing to me!

The point here is that what we all have been made aware of is not going away easily. There will be wins in court; unfair laws shot down, maybe even a prosecution carried out here and there. Maybe the whole thing will appear to come crumbling down, and if that happened it would obviously delay the inevitable. But for any advances on our part to stick, change has to be implemented from the bottom up, not just the top down. A society built on love, care, family values, character, and an awe and respect for nature and God needs to fundamentally be in place (sorry to those atheists among us, I’m afraid God is a necessity, although you can relate to that God any way you chose).

For now? Well, you probably will be tempted to join the world again and re-establish your goals, your loves, and your priorities. I don’t think that choice would necessarily result in disaster…but if you do that, your world will probably suddenly shift radically once that other shoe drops. Just be prepared for that, and be thankful that you at least got a taste of the good life for a moment before you had to pick up your lance and shield and return to battle. God bless you all.

Todd Hayen is a registered psychotherapist practicing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He holds a PhD in depth psychotherapy and an MA in Consciousness Studies. He specializes in Jungian, archetypal, psychology. Todd also writes for his own substack, which you can read here


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