Indians top the list of foreigners arrested for crimes in Nepal; China a close second: Report


Indians topped the list of foreign nationals arrested in Nepal for “various criminal activities” this financial year alone, said a report by Kathmandu Post citing Nepal police data. Out of the 92 foreigners charged from at least 20 countries, the police have arrested over 25 Indian citizens followed by 22 Chinese nationals in FY 2022-23. 

The report citing officials also alleged that while the Indian nationals can be compared to Chinese when it comes to their involvement in crime, the former supposedly evade arrest in many cases due to the open border and “taking advantage of linguistic and cultural similarities”, as per the Nepal-based media outlet. 

Furthermore, the report citing Nepal’s police data also said that customs evasion was the “most common crime” as among the 27 Indians arrested in the country, at least 13 were charged with customs evasion, while five others were charged with dealing in counterfeit currency. Some of the other crimes Indian citizens in Nepal were charged with included dealing contraband drugs, kidnapping, forgery, and so on. 

The records at the Nepal Police Headquarters also show that Chinese nationals are involved in “more serious crimes” such as murder and organised crimes when compared to Indians, reported the Kathmandu Post. This comes as murder cases were filed against two Chinese citizens by the police this year, while there are no such cases registered against any other foreign nationals. 

Some other crimes allegedly committed by Chinese nationals included smuggling drugs, rape, misbehaviour, and so on. After Indian and Chinese citizens, Thai nationals were third on the list with five arrests made by the Nepal police this fiscal year, reported the Kathmandu Post. In 2021-22 police arrested a total of 108 foreigners from 41 countries with 31 Indians, followed by 16 Chinese nationals and 13 Bangladeshis. 


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