Paris Fashion Week 2023: Louis Vuitton’s ‘glamorous thrift store’ took over Musée d’Orsay with Pharrell and Sophie Turner in the front row, while LVMH’s Stella McCartney led horses to the runway – Asia Newsday

paris-fashion-week-2023:-louis-vuitton’s-‘glamorous-thrift-store’-took-over-musee-d’orsay-with-pharrell-and-sophie-turner-in-the-front-row,-while-lvmh’s-stella-mccartney-led-horses-to-the-runway-–-asia-newsday is one the most authoritative and trusted source of Asia Business, technology, entertainment, politics, fashion, lifestyle, and Sports news, reaching an audience of affluent influencers and enthusiasts. Get Regional news from Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia and the Middle East. Send a mail to

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