Personalized fragrance company Noteworthy launches in North America, UK, Ireland


Noteworthy, a first-of-its-kind personalized fragrance company, officially launched on Thursday in North America, as well as in the United Kingdom, and Ireland, ushering in a new era for the fragrance industry. 

Founded by beauty industry veterans Luke Weston and Ashley Boyce, Noteworthy uses AI, data science, and proprietary technology to formulate personalized scent recommendations.

Customers are invited to visit Noteworthy’s website and take the Fragrance Finder Quiz. The Noteworthy algorithm then uses responses from the quiz to build a personalized Discovery Kit, containing four curated fragrance samples based on customers unique preferences. 

Each one of the fragrances in Noteworthy’s fine fragrance collection are created by expert parfumeurs. The Discovery Kit is $24.99, the Travel Spray is $37.49 and each of the 3.3 oz eau de parfum costs $124.99.

“The fragrance industry has never offered consumers a truly intelligent and thoughtful scent discovery process, and Noteworthy is here to change that,” said Weston. 

“Too many consumers struggle to find a signature scent by trying so many different avenues, wasting valuable time and money in the process. With an innovative combination of AI and data science and an array of stunning fragrances, Noteworthy is here to help people finally discover a fragrance they love and fundamentally improve consumers’ fragrance experience.”

Noteworthy is a Proven Skincare sister brand, where Weston is COO. After discovering the power of personalization at Proven, he connected with Ashley Boyce, to expand to other categories, where they narrowed in on the fragrance industry.

“We cannot wait to see the difference Noteworthy makes in the lives of people as they finally have an intelligent way to discover their signature scent,” added Boyce.

“Most people have found themselves in a department store trying on different fragrances at the behest of a pushy salesperson, or wandering the duty-free shop between flights spraying a scent on those little pieces of white paper, or getting a whiff of someone in the grocery store line and wondering if it’s OK to ask them what they are wearing. We’ve all been there. But with Noteworthy, we have brought AI, data science, and proprietary technology together to offer a groundbreaking personalized experience for discovering fragrance.”

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