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Russia & the lab leak theory

Riley Waggaman

The lab leak theory has officially gone mainstream thanks to the Wall Street Journal and its 130-year track record of being wrong about everything.

To summarize the paper’s findings: “China.”

On the opposite end of the lab leak spectrum are folks like Ron Unz, who insist COVID-19 was micro-brewed by the Americans.

Then there’s Robert Malone, who reconciles these two origin stories by accusing both the US and China of lab-leakage that “killed millions of people.”

The implication here seems to be that a leaky lab murdered lots and lots of people, and not the last three years of organized culling under the guise of “public health.”

This is not a very believable hypothesis, in our humble opinion.

We will demonstrate using Russia as a guide.

April 2020: COVID mows down heart attack victims

March-April 2020 was a scary time to be alive for people with life-threatening conditions. At any moment, someone with a chronic illness could test positive for COVID and then die for any reason whatsoever.

In the days after Moscow announced a one-week stay-at-home “holiday” that lasted for more than two months, the city’s health department tried its very best to show Muscovites why it was suicidal to go outside for non-essential reasons.

April 11, 2020:

The operational headquarters for the control and monitoring of the situation with coronavirus reports fourteen patients died in Moscow who were diagnosed with pneumonia and received a positive test result for coronavirus infection.

Among the dead are patients from 52 to 82 years. All patients had comorbidities. Among them are … consequences of a heart attack.

Fort Detrick did this.

riley russia lableak 4

Moscow Department of Health. April 11, 2020 (source)

Moscow’s public health bureaucrats quickly realized transparency was damaging Russia’s pandemic response; the ages of “COVID” victims were quietly dropped from daily briefings—as well as any mention of their comorbidities.

However, the Russian government continued to define COVID as “pneumonia with a positive test for coronavirus infection.”

It’s one thing to have a heart attack and pneumonia. A cup of chicken soup, and you’re good as new.

But a heart attack and pneumonia with a positive PCR test?

This is the horror of gain-of-function research.

Autumn 2020: “COVID is not as bad as sepsis”

By autumn 2020, thousands of patients had passed through Moscow’s main COVID ward at Kommunarka hospital.

Data provided by the hospital’s chief physician, Denis Protsenko, revealed that “most coronavirus patients die from antibiotic-resistant sepsis” after contracting hospital-transmitted (nosocomial) superinfections.

As one Russian physician told Krasnaya Vesna in November 2021, excess mortality in the country—blamed on COVID—was in fact largely due to “nosocomial infections.”

The outlet wrote:

Blaming everything on COVID is unethical, the doctor said. He stressed that it is necessary to understand why there are outbreaks of nosocomial infections. […][He stated] there was no reliable diagnosis of COVID-19. “Why do they allow people with other diseases to lie in COVID wards?” the doctor asked.

Especially for elderly patients unable to consent to medical interventions, the appalling conditions inside many of Russia’s intensive care COVID wards (“red zones”) amount to a death sentence.

At Protsenko’s Kommunarka hospital, even those who categorically refused COVID “treatment” were subjected to life-ending procedures.

In a strange twist of fate, Dr. Mengele—sorry, Protsenko—later became a poster-boy for Russia’s coercive vaxxing campaign.

In June 2021 he gave a prophetic interview to RT calling for compulsory vaccination—just a few hours before compulsory vaccination was announced in Moscow. What are the chances?

Less than a week later, Protsenko agreed to run for parliament after receiving a personal telephone call from a very grateful Vladimir Putin.

riley russia lableak 6

Putin personally invited Protsenko to join Russia’s vax-loving uniparty. No bad deed goes unrewarded. Source: RBK

Washington and/or Beijing must be held accountable for engineering this terrible death-bringing microbe.

November 2021: “Here, have some delicious Remdesivir”

What kind of potent medications were deployed to shield Russians from the “lab leak” that “killed millions”?

Russian health minister and WHO executive board member Mikhail Murashko made an exciting announcement in November 2021: All of Russia’s regions would be supplied with Remdesivir, the famous Ebola medication that kills people instead of curing Ebola.

A month earlier, Murashko acknowledged Russia was treating “COVID” patients with antiviral drugs that caused “toxic liver damage”. If It Saves Just One Life.

The “COVID medication” grift in Russia is so bold and blatant that the health ministry purchased stockpiles of decade-old swine flu snake oil, Arbidol, which had been magically rebranded as a COVID drug.

It is purely coincidental that the company that manufactures this useless drug has close ties to Russia’s deputy prime minister for social policy and health.

riley russia lab leak 2

You have to respect the hustle.

More recently in August 2022, the Russian health ministry updated its list of approved COVID medications to include a generic form of Paxlovid, one of Pfizer’s many gifts to humankind.

riley russia lab leak 3

9 out of 10 doctors recommend Paxlovid for stopping lab leaks (source)

And how could we forget Russia’s safest and most effective anti-COVID drug—developed in partnership with AstraZeneca—Sputnik V?

This is how you protect yourself from an Anglo-Saxon bioweapons.

January 2023: The aftermath

A specialist from Russia’s health ministry disclosed in January 2023 that “the average age of people who died from coronavirus [in Russia] was 76 years, and in half of the cases there was at least one chronic disease.”

The life expectancy of a Russian male is around 66-68 years.

Women fare better, averaging 76-78 years.

Unfortunately we don’t know the male/female breakdown of “COVID” deaths—because the Russian government is allergic to basic transparency—but one might deduce that, on average, a Russian woman who “dies from COVID” loses approximately zero years of life expectancy; meanwhile, Russian men who fall victim to this Lab Leak may actually be living longer than expected.

None of this is meant to downplay the shocking loss of life over the last three years—Russia suffered record-breaking mortality in 2021.

All we’re suggesting is, uh, maybe the problem here is the toxic liver pills, genetic Big Pharma slurries, suspended medical care, and an all-out assault on humanity as we know it—as opposed to an alleged pathogen cooked up in Wuhan/Hunter Biden’s crack pipe?

Just something to think about.

Riley Waggaman is your humble Moscow correspondent. He worked for RT, Press TV, Russia Insider, yadda yadda. In his youth, he attended a White House lawn party where he asked Barack Obama if imprisoned whistleblower Bradley Manning (Chelsea was still a boy back then) “had a good Easter.” Good times good times. You can subscribe to his Substack here, or follow him on twitter or Telegram.


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