Thailand’s national lottery to stop paying out prizes in cash


The Government Lottery Office has stopped paying out lottery prizes in cash, effective today (Saturday). Winners can instead claim their prize money through one of three channels, according to government deputy spokesperson Traisuree Traisoranakul.

The winners can have the money transferred to their bank accounts, except when the prize exceeds two million baht, for which the winner must have an account at either the Government Savings Bank or the Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC).

Alternatively, the winners can receive a check, made out to the winner, from the Krung Thai Bank’s GLO branch office.

Finally, winners can claim their prize money at any branch of the Government Savings, Krung Thai and BAAC banks.

Traisuree said that, apart from no further cash payments from the GLO, the rules which cover claiming prize money remain unchanged, such as the claimant must be an individual, at least 20-years-old and the winning lottery tickets must be free of erasure marks, scratches or significant damage.

She said that winners with “problematic” tickets can still claim the prizes, but it may take longer for officials to check their authenticity.

She advised lottery winners not to display their winning tickets in public for their own safety.

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