WATCH| Imran Khan's party uses PM Modi's old clip to target Pak govt, funny part is….


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s old video of a speech is being circulated in Pakistan, across the border. Leaders of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, which is led by Imran Khan, have been sharing a video in which the prime minister is seeing criticising the government of Pakistan over its financial crisis. 

In the video, PM Modi is seen speaking during the campaign of the 2019 general elections in Rajasthan’s Barmer district. “We destroyed Pakistan’s arrogance, forced them to go around the globe with a begging bowl,” said PM Modi. 

Referring to the threats of the nuclear attack made by Pakistan, he says, “We have stopped fearing Pakistan’s threats. If they have nuclear weapons, ours are hardly kept for Diwali.”

رجیم چینج کے سہولت کارو۔

سنو انڈیا کا مودی پاکستان کے بارے میں کیا کہہ رہا ہے؟ اگر غیرت نام کی کوئ چیز تم میں نہیں تو شرم تو کرو؟ پاکستان کے لوگو: اس لئے اپنے اس ملک کو بچانے کا واحد راستہ عمران خان کے سنگ حقیقی آزادی ہے.

— Senator Azam Khan Swati (@AzamKhanSwatiPk) January 11, 2023


In the wake of ongoing economic crisis in Pakistan, the supporters of PTI started sharing the video to launch an attack on the current government led by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, without even realising that comments were made by PM Modi when Imran Khan himself was in power. Khan was ousted last year after a no-trust vote motion. 


The video has been posted by former Pakistan minister Azam Khan Swati and Imran Khan-led party’s senior leader. In his tweet along with the video, he stated that the government of Pakistan should be ashamed and appealed for a regime change. A lot of people also criticised the Pakistani Army, in the comments section, saying that they have led the country down. 

Journalist Naila Inayat was among the people who pointed out the irony of the clip shared by the PTI supporters. 

“The funniest part, PTI sharing this to tell current govt, look what Modi is saying about you. While the clip is from April 2019 when Imran Khan was in government,” Inayat tweeted.

“I compelled Pakistan to go around the globe with a begging bowl.”

The funniest part, PTI sharing this to tell current govt, look what Modi is saying about you. While the clip is from April 2019 when Imran Khan was in govt.

— Naila Inayat (@nailainayat) January 15, 2023


PTI leader Imran Khan had earlier appreciated Prime Minister Modi while slamming former Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif for corruption. “No other leader except Nawaz in the world has properties worth billions. Tell me about one country whose Premier or leader has a billions worth of properties outside the country. Even in our neighbouring country, how many properties does PM Modi has outside India?” Khan had said in September.

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Pakistan has been facing a massive economic crisis as foreign exchange reserves have been depleting fast, and the government is in talks with the International Monetary Fund for monetary aid. 

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