World first for Stella McCartney as she uses new biomaterial for sequins


Stella McCartney’s ongoing attempts to find planet-friendly materials for her collections are as well known as her animal rights stance and the latest development can be seen on the cover of the US Vogue April edition with her use of a pioneering technology to create sequins.

Brand backer LVMH said she’s using “the world’s first sustainable BioSequins material” and it’s seen on the cover as a jumpsuit worn by “model, eco-activist and House friend” Cara Delevingne.

The BioSequins are made using a biodegradable and non-toxic material “innovated from plant-based cellulose, using no metals, minerals or synthetic pigments or colorants”.

They’re the result of a collaboration with Radiant Matter, a start-up that’s developing a new generation of colour and material solutions for the circular economy. 

McCartney has often spoken both about her desire not only to use eco materials but to eventually used only recycled, recyclable and bio-based materials. And she’s also been very vocal about how hard it can be to find embellishments that are truly green. That said, the label has been a PVC-free one since 2010, including the sequins it uses in its collections.

Plastic is a huge problem in fashion and British women buy 33 million sequinned garments each festive season, LVMH added, of which 1.7 million end up in landfill after being worn just five times. As much as 35% of micro-plastics released into the world’s oceans come from synthetic clothing.

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