Aberdeen Police charge mother with assaulting student at Aberdeen Middle School; Harford County Public Schools says there were no reports of bullying


Mar. 9—Aberdeen Police arrested a parent Tuesday and charged her with second-degree assault after alleging that she trespassed on school grounds and assaulted a student at Aberdeen Middle School.

Kelly Sadik, 41, entered Aberdeen Middle School after checking in with the office via the outside intercom at approximately 8:15 a.m., according to a police news release.

Instead of going directly to the office to formally sign in, Sadik walked to the seventh grade area of the school and confronted a student over alleged harassment of her daughter, according to the release.

The verbal confrontation escalated when Sadik grabbed the arm of the student when the student attempted to walk away, according to the news release.

The child suffered a minor injury in the incident, police said.

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The Morning Sun

Officers responded to the school and arrested Sadik, charging her with second-degree assault and trespassing. Sadik was transported to the Harford County Detention Center for processing.

The District Court for Harford County’s Civil System issued a peace order requiring Sadik to stay away and refrain from contacting the student.

Her next court hearing is March 14 at 10:30 a.m.

The school did not receive a report of bullying or harassment related or leading up to this incident, Jillian Lader, Harford County Public Schools’ spokesperson, said in an email. Parents were contacted by phone and email about the incident.

“Students who report being bullied or threatened are offered interventions and supportive measures on a case-by-case basis, that will vary depending on their need,” said Lader. She added that HCPS policy states that any retaliation or reprisal is a violation of the policy.

“When a student is reported as bullying or harassing another student, the parent or guardian is contacted by the school administration,” Lader said. “In addition to disciplinary action at the school, families are encouraged to address the issue at home.”

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