Apple South Korea’s sales up 3.3 per cent to $5.9 billion – Inside Retail


Apple Korea’s sales rose slightly to US$5.9 billion last year, data showed Monday.

The South Korean unit of US tech giant Apple logged $5.9 billion in sales from October 1, 2021, to September 30, 2022, up from $5.7 billion the previous one-year period, according to its audit report filing.

Net income for the cited period stood at $91.3 million, down slightly from a net profit of $100.5 million the previous year.

The company’s operating profit dropped 23 per cent on-year to $69.6 million from $92 million over the cited period, with an operating profit margin of 1.2 per cent.

A total $100.5 million in dividends was given to its US headquarters and other overseas units, according to the filings.

Apple Korea paid $40.6 million in corporate taxes for the fiscal year ending September 30 last year.

The story was originally published on Korea Bizwire.

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