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Best Five Star Resorts in Bangkok- Places To Stay In Bangkok Thailand



Bangkok is Thailand’s largest city. So it is a host to numerous festivals, activities, celebrations and also features temples, shrines, monuments, palaces, ramparts, and much more that. The city is also extremely busy because millions of tourists visit this location. It has more than 40 districts and around 170 sub-districts. Apart from being the largest Chinatown in the world, it also has more than 400 temples. So, houses cultures from across the world in this region. People in this city are also known for their warm and welcoming nature, so visiting this place can give a very homely feel and make one want to visit this place again and again. Since the city is so popular, the resorts make sure they are also equivalent to its fame. The hotels provide wanderlusts with excellent and outshining facilities that make their journey vibrant. So loosen up and book these five star resorts in Bangkok.

Special Experiences

The five star resorts in Bangkok have a handful of special experiences kept for their guests. To de-stress the mind of their guests, the hotels offer special Thai massage. The massage originated from Buddhist people and it follows more than 70,000 body lines. The professionals are known to loosen one’s worries and the guests just sit along, chill at these sessions. One can also relax at the bubble, sauna, and steam baths. There is also a special area where they can dine privately. This area is wonderfully lit up with candles and jazz music. There is also a poolside grill that one can enjoy. This experience comes with heated pool, music, sizzlers, and barbeques.


There are numerous facilities that are provided in the five star resorts in Bangkok to make tourists’ experience amazing. The rooms have big windows that open to views of nature. They are also designed with a touch of modern and contemporary art as well. The amenities within the room include king size bed, sofa, living room, kitchen, fireplace, television, blackout curtains, lamps, minibars, tea-coffee making machines, and music systems. Some rooms are also provided with indoor heated pools and balcony as well. There is a 24-hour fitness center with highly advanced equipment. Tennis courts, badminton, billiards, and board games are also provided. The hotel management and desk services are always available.


The five star resorts in Bangkok are well-known for their rich dining experiences. The chefs are well-trained, experienced, and sophisticated. They make sure the food is beautifully presented and served on time. They are also very particular about health, so they also make sure all the ingredients are nutritious. They make traditional recipes and dishes along with international and continental dishes. They also entertain special requests put up for anniversaries, birthdays, wedding, or any special event. The poolside grill and lounge bar food is also served by these humble masters. A treat for the taste buds, these talented chefs are dedicated to making the guest food experience unforgettable and more often than not, they are very successful.


Q1. What is the best time to visit Bangkok?
A. The best time is between the months of November to December. However, the city is buzzing with tourists almost all months now.

Q2. What type of sockets is present in Thailand?
A. There is a two pin plug socket used in Thailand.

Q3. Is it safe to drink tap water in Thailand?
A. Yes, it is safe to drink tap water in Thailand.

Q4. Is it okay to book a resort at Bangkok instead of booking onsite?
A. Yes, one can book a resort in Bangkok. However, onsite there are special offers that one might want to check out.

Q5. Is it allowed for Indian guests to drive a vehicle in Thailand?
A. Indian guests can drive vehicles in Thailand if they have a Thai or international driver license.

One can make this journey in the city of Bangkok indelible by accommodating at the five star resorts in Bangkok. Get to choose amongst a multitude of rooms offered by these resorts. The rooms also come with a variety of facilities which include television, music and radio systems, desktops, internet, beverage makers, minibars, and much more. Book rooms that have indoor heated pools that are located along wide windows. Soak in the beauty of the place and watch the scenic views with the setting sun perfectly complementing the natural gems of the place. Avail special experiences such as Thai massage sessions, steam baths, bubble baths, sauna baths, and facials too. People can spend quality time with their partners in the form of a romantic candlelight dinner at the private dining area. Spend time relaxing at the poolside grill where one is served with smoky-barbeque food. Get to savor foods around the world such as Thai, African, European, Asian, Australian, American, Mediterranean, and several others. Also try out a variety of sports such as tennis, badminton, billiards, and much more with companions and friends. Get to behold sweet memories and record them for future smiles and laughter by booking five star resorts in Bangkok.

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