Chuwit resumes solo campaign against Bhumjaithai’s cannabis policy


Self-styled whistle blower Chuwit Kamolvisit has resumed his campaign against the Bhumjaithai party’s cannabis policy, after the Civil Court yesterday (Friday) lifted the injunction barring him from such campaigning.

The court ruled that Chuwit’s criticism and comments about the Bhumjaithai party’s cannabis policy concern the positives and negatives of cannabis use and are useful for the public, so they understand the arguments for and against.

Responding to the court’s ruling, Chuwit posted on his Facebook page last night saying that it represents a victory for the people. He also thanked the court for lifting the injunction.

After the ruling late yesterday afternoon, the former massage parlor tycoon turned whistle blower went straight to the Victory Monument on a motorcycle to resume his campaign, with a pre-prepared banner containing information about the harmful effects of cannabis.

He told a small crowd of supporters that he will continue his campaign, as he claimed that the Bhumjaithai party’s policy to decriminalise cannabis and hemp has led to the growth of over 3,000 shops selling weed in Bangkok alone, with some of them open around the clock, unlike shops which sell alcohol, which are only open during specifically regulated hours.

Chuwit claimed that he has been acting alone in his campaign against the cannabis policy, without anyone supporting him from behind the scenes, because, in his view, the policy is wrong.

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