Court bars Chuwit from campaigning against Bhumjaithai over its cannabis policy


Thailand’s Civil Court issued an injunction today (Wednesday) barring Chuwit Kamolvisit from campaigning against the Bhumjaithai party over its cannabis policy, pending the outcome of a defamation lawsuit, filed against the self-styled whistle blower by the party.

The court ruling follows the filing of a motion for temporary protection with the court by the Bhumjaithai party today, seeking an emergency injunction after the court rejected the party’s complaint on the grounds that barring Chuwit from criticising the party may infringe upon the defendant’s right to free expressions.

In considering the party’s complaint today, the court ruled that it appears that Chuwit has stopped criticising the Bhumjaithai party over the Orange Line train project and, hence, there is no need for the court to issue an injunction to stop him from criticising the party on that issue.

The court also ruled that there is no need for the court to issue an injunction to stop Chuwit from campaigning for people not to vote for the Bhumjaithai party, pointing out that the party is already protected by the election law.

The court did agree, however, to bar the whistle blower from campaigning against the party’s cannabis policy.

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