Dominic Raab claims officials are ‘breaching rules’ of bullying probe by talking to the media


Dominic Raab, the Justice Secretary, denies bullying allegations - Roger Harris/PA

Dominic Raab, the Justice Secretary, denies bullying allegations – Roger Harris/PA

Dominic Raab has claimed officials are “breaching the rules” of the inquiry into allegations of bullying against him by talking to the media.

The Justice Secretary also said it was “preposterous and unconscionable” to compare coercive behaviour which leads to murder to the accusations against him.

Mr Raab was asked about the inquiry by Adam Tolley, KC, a senior lawyer, while outlining the Ministry of Justice’s (MoJ) new proposals for domestic abusers who kill to face longer jail sentences.

He is being investigated by Mr Tolley over bullying allegations, with dozens of officials thought to be involved in eight formal complaints covering his time in three departments – Brexit, the Foreign Office and the MoJ.

He refused to speculate about the outcome or to discuss the details of the allegations, which he has denied, while the investigation is ongoing.

Asked about the latest claims on Sky News, Mr Raab said: “Anyone involved in the inquiry who is commenting to the media anonymously or otherwise is breaching the rules and as a matter of basic professional integrity I am not going to do that.”

‘Coercive behaviour’ allegations

In the latest allegations, Sky News reported that Mr Raab had reduced staff to tears and “ruined people’s lives” through “coercive behaviour,” according to officials quoted by the TV station who worked with him.

Asked by GB News presenter Stephen Dixon to respond to the allegations of coercive behaviour, Mr Raab said: “Any equivalence that you are drawing between anything I have been accused of and the kinds of horrific crimes I am talking about is preposterous and frankly unconscionable.”

Mr Raab has maintained that he has behaved professionally at all times but told the BBC last month that he would resign if the allegations of bullying against him are upheld.

Mr Tolley’s remit is solely to “establish the facts” of Mr Raab’s conduct. It will be up to the Prime Minister to decide whether the deputy PM should face sanctions.

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