Excise tax cut on diesel fuel to be extended until May 20th


The Thai cabinet has decided to extend the excise tax cut on diesel fuel for an additional four months, to ease the financial burden on the private sector and the public.

Acting Government Spokesman Anucha Burapachaisri said that the excise tax reduction of 5 baht/litre has been in effect since last February and was scheduled to end on January 20th.

The tax cut means that the Excise Department will see a revenue shortfall of about 10 billion baht a month, he said, adding that, apart from diesel fuel, other types of fuel which contain sulphur and biodiesel will also be subject to a tax cut.

Thailand’s truckers’ associations have been demanding that the government extend the excise tax cut in the wake of global oil price increases, warning that they may have to raise cargo transport charges if the tax cut is removed.

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