Google blocked 5.2 billion ads for content violation in 2022 | Advertising | Campaign Asia


Google has released it ‘ads safety’ report which states how the company worked to prevent malicious use of the platform for ads.

The report revealed that Google blocked 5.2 billion ‘bad ads’. The ads were blocked because Google wants to support a ‘safe’ and ‘positive’ experience for its users. 1.36 billion ads were blocked on the basis of it ‘abusing the ad network’. In 2021, Google blocked 3.4 billion ‘bad ads’. asia%2fcontent%2fgoogleadsblocked

Google also restricted 4.3 billion ads to be played across regions. This is done to avoid showing ads which are inappropriate in a region. asia%2fcontent%2fpic+2

In 2022, Google also took action against 1.57 billion pages. This meant that Google restricted ads on these pages. This was fractionally lesser than the 1.6 billion pages from 2021. asia%2fcontent%2fpic+3

This followed Google enforcing new rules for financial services advertising in India in January 2023.

Now, advertisers must complete a verification process. This includes providing information about the type of financial services they provide, whether they are licensed to provide those services, and their registration number, among other things.

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