‘I think maybe I’ve seen something like this in a movie’: Detectives still looking for Roy kidnapper


Detectives are continuing to search for a man accused of trying to kidnap a woman in Roy on Thursday morning.

“Ultimately, this person is extremely dangerous,” Pierce County Sheriff’s Sgt. Darren Moss said on Saturday. “When somebody does something like this, the only two things that end up happening in these situations is we have a sexual assault, a homicide, or both.”

On Thursday morning around 6 a.m., a mother and her 11-year-old son were driving towards the intersection of Harts Lake Valley Road and 420th Street South in Roy.

As the mother approached the intersection, there were several sandbags and a box blocking the roadway, according to detectives. She got out of the car and started moving the items to the side of the road.

“When she got back to the side of the road, (the) suspect came up behind her with a burlap bag then placed it over her head, and then put her into a bear hug,” Moss said.

The woman fought back, broke free, and yelled to her son to call 911, according to Moss.

The man reportedly ran away through a field and hasn’t been seen since, according to detectives.

“(Roy is) not a high crime area to begin with, but with something like this to happen? It really gets concerning for the small population to have out there,” Sgt. Moss said. “I think maybe I’ve seen something like this in a movie? James Bond sets a trap for the bad guy or something strange like that. Or a serial killer movie? But not in real life. I’ve never seen something like this.”

The mother and son described the suspect as a Hispanic man in his 20s or 30s, with a height of 5 feet 7 inches, a muscular build, and short hair on the sides with longer hair on top. The man was reportedly wearing camouflage clothes with black gloves at the time of the attempted kidnapping.

The man also possibly has scratches on his face and/or neck.

With the alarming nature of the crime itself, Moss also asked anyone who drives and sees a similar scenario (sandbags, boxes, or items blocking a roadway).

Anyone with information is asked to call the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department or CrimeStoppers (1-800-222-TIPS).

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