JAMESON Irish Whiskey Joins as Main Sponsor of 15th ‘Go Out Camp’

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Jameson, the No. 1 Irish whiskey brand, participates as the main sponsor of ‘Go Out Camp,’ the largest and most representative camping festival in Korea.

Celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, Go Out Camp is the first and largest camping festival in Korea, filled with entertainment for campers and outdoor enthusiasts across the country, with domestic and foreign fashion & gear, and lifestyle brands participating based on the theme of camping. The event that has received the most significant response among those who love outdoor life will be held in Gumi for three days, from March 31st to April 2nd.

Through the participation of this event, Jameson will provide a special opportunity to directly feel and experience JAMESONs Brand Campaign “Widen The Circle”, in the most relaxing and chilling way.

All programs mentioned in the text and provided at the event are only for people who are over the legal drinking age.

JAMESON plans to spread its brand message through programs that various people can enjoy together by operating ‘Widen the circle zone’ at this event. Starting with artist performances, various experience programs such as the JAMESON highball experience, cocktail classes and GO OUT CAMP after party, will be presented so people can chill and make opportunities to make new relationships with other people, to Widen The Circle. There will also be a large campfire zone where people can mingle and enjoy Jameson.

To establish the responsible drinking culture, a special space has also been set up. Next to the Jameson booth, the “Drink More Water Zone” will be installed to provide water to the guests and to inform the importance to drink water during alcohol consumption.

“We designed this event to offer customers a chance to experience the signature smoothness of JAMESON, along with a camping festival in the great spring season,” said Miguel Pascual, Marketing Director at Pernod Rica Korea. “Whiskey is becoming a culture beyond just alcohol today, and JAMESON will continue to carry out activities to increase brand intimacy with consumers proactively.”

Ireland’s representative modern spirit, JAMESON, is the world’s no. 1 Irish whiskey, boasting the highest quality as it is completed with the best malt. Also, it is famous for its excellent smoothness through triple distillation. JAMESON goes perfectly with a Highball with mixers like ginger ale, which pairs greatly with camping occasionally menus.

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