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Leading Vietnamese blockchain business Kardiachain has today taken the first step towards the launch of KAIDEX, a unique decentralized exchange that delivers unparalleled functionality for users.

KAIDEX is the first of its kind in the decentralized exchange market, possessing the capabilities of a completely decentralized cross-chain token trading platform. The platform is built upon Dual Node, a novel patent-pending technology that would truly revolutionize multi-chain swapping which allows it to simultaneously access both ledgers of KardiaChain and another blockchain of choice, both public and private, to enable communication.


The ultimate vision for KAIDEX is to give users complete control of their privacy and assets, while reducing the risk of security breaches and hacks against users’ wallets.

Huy Nguyen – CTO and Co-founder of Kardiachain, said the team’s objective was to have KAIDEX ready for launch later this year.

“KardiaChain’s Team is working hard to build a user-centric platform. We want to bring users the ultimate DEX experience and aim to increase mass adoption of blockchain and crypto with our unique products. 

“Launching the KAIDEX landing page is the first step to the next phase. This will feature IDO Platform (Initial Dex Offering), cross-chain lending, cross-chain swap, and cross-chain farming. KAIDEX has the power to connect all of the blockchains together, expanding the blockchain ecosystem and accessibility for all.”

KAIDEX is the first blockchain to utilise both CEX and DEX’s advantages to deliver “the best of both worlds” for its customers, bringing outstanding features, including:

  • Powerful trading tools: Stop — Market Order, and Limit Order 
  • Low slippage
  • Fast transfer speed
  • Near-zero low fee
  • Five second settlement

KAIDEX provides performance to rival that of centralized exchanges, delivering fast settlements, high liquidity, and transparent audit. Its hybrid solution is in high demand as the popularity of DEXes and DeFi continues to grow.

You can find out more information here

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