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No brakes on Moscow’s biosecurity charade

Riley Waggaman

Anna Popova and Tatyana Golikova, flanked by their army of insufferable masked Virus Nannies. March 24, 2023.

The masterminds behind Moscow’s Sanitary Shield—a medley of PCR testing facilities and “vaccine” development centers—met in late March to review the progress of their not-fit-for-purpose biosecurity Iron Curtain.

Anna Popova, head of Rospotrebnadzor—Russia’s federal agency for protecting “human well-being”, and the country’s de facto COVID Cops—told the gathering of public health bureaucrats that great strides had been made over the past two years:

16 new reagents for diagnosing infections have been developed, 153 PCR centers across the country have been equipped, equipment has been purchased for 48 sequencing centers, and four platforms have been created to quickly develop vaccines. The Perimeter epidemiological monitoring system has been launched at more than 240 border crossing points.

Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova—who is not only a selfless public servant, but also a seasoned “pandemic” profiteer—said more needed to be done to ensure the “epidemiological well-being of the population”:

In order to monitor the variability of pathogens of infectious diseases, it is necessary to ensure the establishment of six new sequencing centers this year. By the end of 2023, 54 such centers should be operational. [We will also] increase the number of vaccine development platforms to six, and develop 23 new test systems for diagnosing infections in 60 minutes; there will be a total of 39 test systems. [We will] provide 19 institutions of Rospotrebnadzor with nine new mobile rapid response laboratories, and continue updating the national electronic catalog of microorganisms. By 2025, it should contain more than 40 thousand strains.

The ultimate goal, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin, is to create an anti-virus “shield” that will be able to “develop its own test systems within four days,” as well as “create an effective domestic vaccine in the shortest possible time.”

In other words: Russia’s strategy to ward off alleged biosecurity threats revolves around PCR testing and the rapid deployment of “vaccines.”

This is slightly worrying because neither of these innovative public health tools actually safeguard public health. Quite the opposite, as the last three years have very clearly shown.

Off-Guardian recently updated its excellent COVID crib sheet, which provides numerous well-cited reasons why PCR tests are not fit for purpose.

What about those safe and effective “vaccines”?

Golikova earlier endorsed Sputnik V’s unproven genetic platform as a template for all future Sanitary Shield injections. Not very reassuring when you review Sputnik V’s track record.

Does any of this make sense if Russia is under siege from Western bio-terror—as some, including Moscow, have suggested?

There is no reason to envy Russia’s shield of sanitation, because probably one day soon you’ll have your own. Moscow wants to create a global sanitary shield.

Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov made the modest proposal during November’s G20 summit in Bali:

The head of the Russian Ministry of Finance noted the need to prevent fragmentation of the global healthcare system and maintain the central role of the World Health Organization (WHO) in it, and also shared the experience of creating a rapid response system to pandemics in Russia within the framework of [Russia’s] current “Sanitary Shield,” which involves the creation of a system for the rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases, accelerated development of test systems and vaccines in the event of new epidemiological threats.

“We believe that a similar sanitary shield could be built at the global level,” the Minister said.

A true visionary.

Riley Waggaman is your humble Moscow correspondent. He worked for RT, Press TV, Russia Insider, yadda yadda. In his youth, he attended a White House lawn party where he asked Barack Obama if imprisoned whistleblower Bradley Manning (Chelsea was still a boy back then) “had a good Easter.” Good times good times. You can subscribe to his Substack here, or follow him on twitter or Telegram.


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