Pernod Ricard Korea to conduct a responsible drinking workshop for sales employees

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Pernod Ricard Korea, the Korean unit of the global wine and spirits company Pernod Ricard, is conducting a responsible drinking workshop for its sales representatives and brand ambassadors on the prevention of risks from excessive drinking and the harmful use of alcohol. The workshop will be held in its Seoul, Suwon, Ilsan, Gwangju, and Busan offices.

Pernod Ricard has established its 2030 Sustainability & Responsibility road map “Good Times from a Good Place” in 2019 and has been implementing a host of sustainable activities at its affiliates around the world. The areas covered include Nurturing Terroir, Valuing People, Circular Making, and Responsible Hosting, respectively addressing how we source, how we engage, how we craft and how we market our brands.

The responsible drinking training the company is conducting is part of “Responsible Hosting.” The company plans to offer the training in the form of a workshop starting with employees that are most at risk, like those who have bigger impacts on the liquor market with high customer contact points and might find themselves or others in challenging situations related to the excessive consumption and misuse of alcohol.

Participants will be given a tailored training on alcohol, its impact, how to practice responsible drinking for themselves, and ways to explain and promote it to people as a “responsible drinking ambassador” for those who choose to drink. Pernod Ricard Korea plans to gradually expand the training to all its employees.

The company has also been striving to help build a culture of responsible drinking among its employees. All employees sign a responsible drinking pledge upon joining the company and must complete online training on the subject. Additionally, by company policy, all employees with company cars or car allowance receive an electronic alcohol breathalyzer in order to allow them to assess their consumption if needed. Hence, they can comply with corporate policy, if you choose to drink, you don’t drive.

CEO Frantz Hotton of Pernod Ricard Korea commented, “All employees of Pernod Ricard Korea are working to build a culture of responsible drinking and respect for those who don’t drink both inside and outside the company as ambassadors of responsible drinking. This is in line with the Group’s vision to offer our consumers moments of conviviality through moderate, responsible drinking. We will continue to take the lead in building and reinforcing a sustainable culture of responsible drinking in Korea.”

Meanwhile, the company has been making continuous efforts to promote the importance of responsible drinking and respect among Korean consumers and to help them practice it with ease in their daily life. The company waged its “Eat, Pause, Hydrate” campaign, the key points for responsible drinking, in 2021. The digital campaign “#Make Memories, Not Hangovers” was held in 2022 to communicate the risks of excessive drinking and promote guidelines for responsible drinking. In addition, it has launched the “Bar World of Tomorrow” training program to help build a culture of responsible hosting and has been offering professional training on sustainable bartending and responsible serving in conjunction with the hospitality industry.

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