Raising Awareness: Lifestyle Asia Launched Its March Issue By Highlighting Cover Girl Amanda Griffin Jacob's Advocacy


The magazine celebrated the launch of their Women Empowerment and Travel issue through an intimate event in Okada Manila’s Tower Villa.

On March 9, Lifestyle Asia celebrated the launch of their Women Empowerment and Travel Issue through a luncheon with esteemed guests and beloved friends. The intimate event was held in Okada Manila’s Tower Villas, in the company of notable Lifestyle Asia society members and its guest of honor, the issue’s cover star—Amanda Griffin Jacob, a mother of four whose long list of accomplishments includes her work as a popular VJ, model, TV anchor, and more recently as the Philippines’ first ambassador for International Justice Mission. 

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The event began with opening remarks from Lifestyle Asia’s editor-in-chief, Candy Dizon, who expressed her gratitude to everyone who attended the luncheon and contributed to the magazine’s March issue. 

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(L-R): Katrina Holigores, Lulu Tan Gan, Amanda Griffin Jacob, Candy Dizon
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(L-R): AJ Olpindo, Geraldine Zamora, Amanda Griffin Jacob, Tim Yap, and Imelda Sciandra
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(L-R): Rita Nazareno, Marv Nazareno, Mawi Fojas de Ocampo,
Candy Dizon
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(L-R): AJ Olpindo, Lulu Tan Gan, Patrice Diaz, Geraldine Zamora
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(L-R): Atty. Sam Inocencio, Evelyn Gonzales Pingul, Ari Krader Cu
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Inside the Okada Tower Villa suite where Lifestyle Asia‘s RSVP took place
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One of the sumptuous desserts served during the event

This was then followed by a touching speech from Jacob, who used the opportunity to raise awareness of her advocacy against Online Sexual Exploitation Crimes (OSEC), especially those involving young children. She thanked Lifestyle Asia for highlighting the issue on her feature, emphasizing that pressing problems can’t be changed if people aren’t first informed of their existence and significance. 

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Lifestyle Asia‘s March cover star, Amanda Griffin Jacob, giving a rousing speech on her advocacy
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(L-R): Rose Jacob, Christine Jacob Sandejas, Amanda Griffin Jacob
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(L-R): Joey Mead King and Amanda Griffin Jacob

Making a Change, One Life at a Time

Jacob is the first Philippine ambassador of the International Justice Mission (IJM), an NGO that’s been working non-stop to bring OSEC perpetrators to justice and shelter their victims. Her speech was followed by a few words from Attorney Sam Inocenio Jr., the regional vice president and national director of the OSEC program for the Asia Pacific Region, who was also in attendance. 

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Attorney Sam Inocencio Jr. during his speech

Building upon Jacob’s emphasis on the value of raising awareness, Attorney Inocencio highlighted that the Philippines is the number one supplier of sexually exploited children—some have even referred to it as the global epicenter. It’s a dark and somber reality, but one that must be reckoned with if change is to happen. 

However, the attorney ended his speech on a hopeful note. IJM has managed to rescue more than 1,000 survivors, arrest over 300 suspects, and convict 150 perpetrators in their crimes—numbers that will hopefully continue to grow in the coming years, until OSEC are eradicated completely. 

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Lifestyle Asia‘s March issue

Indeed, Jacob continues to prove that she is a woman who is not only empowered, but dedicated to empowering others, especially those without a voice. Her commitment to raising awareness on OSEC was the beating heart of Lifestyle Asia’s March RSVP event, as it encapsulated the publication’s mission of providing meaningful stories that go “beyond luxury living.” After all, a life well-lived isn’t just about material wealth, accomplishments, and status in society—it’s about how one helps to transform lives in the process.

Photos by Excel Panlaque of Kliq, Inc.

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