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A Russian man went wild in the heart of Pattaya on Monday morning when he took over a Seven-Eleven convenience store near Walking Street causing terror and mayhem. 

Police managed to overpower a Russian man on Monday morning in Pattaya after he smashed his way into a Seven-Eleven convenience store causing staff and customers to flee in terror. The Russian man gained access to the store by smashing his way through a glass door injuring himself and a 53-year-old staff member.

Scene from Monday morning in Pattaya as police overpowered the Russian man who they found in a manic state within the shop shouting and swearing after entering by smashing through a glass door causing injury to himself and a staff member at the outlet.

A Russian man went berserk early on Monday morning at a Seven-Eleven convenience store in Pattaya during which he attacked customers and smashed through the front door of the premises to gain entry.

The impact with the glass doors sent glass flying in all directions.

Staff and customers fled the store in terror leaving the man inside acting in a distressed state in what appeared to be the effects of either alcohol or drugs.

Incident occurred near Walking Street in Pattaya with police being summoned at 4.30 am after the Russian’s violent outburst saw staff evacuate the store

The fracas happened near Walking Street in South Pattaya. It is understood that several people suffered injuries during the incident including a Seven-Eleven store worker who was hit with shards of glass as the Russian smashed his way into the shop and a member of the public who confronted him was violently headbutted. 

Chonburi police confirm that they received a call at 4.30 am on Monday, the 16th of January to respond to a public disturbance at the shop where they were told that people were being attacked and property being destroyed indiscriminately.

A police unit responded to the report while alerting patrol officers in Walking Street to also attend the scene as well as a local emergency services unit. 

Police found many shocked foreign tourists at the shop watching the Russian man’s rampage within the premises.

Yelling and shouting in the store before police arrived and began recording his antics. Trail of blood seen 

He appeared to be 35 to 40 years of age and shouted and yelled in what appeared to be a manic state as he moved about the convenience store.

At one point, he withdrew a bottle of beer from a fridge unit after having left scattered debris on the ground in his wake.

Police officers gathered outside the store and recorded the suspect’s behaviour.

At the scene, they could see a trail of blood and also realised that the Russian man had been injured with a cut on the leg from the broken glass of the door he had smashed to pieces in order to make his entry.

Russian was overpowered and later received first aid treatment along with the injured store worker and a motorcyclist assaulted during the incident

The 53-year-old employee of the Seven-Eleven store who suffered injury from the flying glass was named as Ms Kanya Inpanon while the man who had confronted the Russian was identified as 32-year-old Mr Dong, a motorcyclist. 

Mr Dong had cuts to his eyebrows after receiving a violent blow from the Russian assailant’s head after he protested his behaviour.

Police then managed to engage with the Russian man after he came back to the front door of the shop and later overpowered him as he walked back into the interior at the right moment.

All parties involved in the incident later received first aid treatment from rescue service workers before being removed to hospital.

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