Thai billionaire’s son accused of assaulting and biting woman he met on dating app



The son of a Thai billionaire is accused of terrorizing and assaulting a woman he met on a dating app in Nonthaburi province, Thailand.

The 22-year-old man, identified as Khittiphot, allegedly beat the 28-year-old woman during sex and sadistically bit her legs, fingers, face and genitalia, leaving wounds and bruises all over her body.

Khittiphot also allegedly threatened the woman to send thousands of baht to his bank account, according to police.

The victim reportedly met Khittiphot — the Indian American son of a billionaire hotel owner in Chiang Mai — on a dating app on March 1.

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According to Rattanathibet Police Station Superintendent Thanamet Wichitjariya, officers were sent to the woman’s condo after he received a call from her claiming that she had been attacked.

Police found Khittiphot and the woman arguing outside of her condo.

She told police that Khittiphot had been threatening her since the first day they met. When she told him about going to the police, Khittiphot allegedly responded, “You think the police can touch me?”

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The woman claimed that she could not escape her condo for several days due to Khittiphot’s threats and physical attacks.

On Monday, she filed a complaint against him at the Rattanathibet Police Station.

Khittiphot has since denied biting the 28-year-old’s genitals.

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However, he reportedly admitted to “squeezing” her out of “jealousy.” He also claimed that her legs were bruised because they hit the edge of the bed during sex.

As for the assault during sex, I didn’t rape her and I was not that sadistic. She got bruises on her legs from hitting them off the edge of the bed. Her body is bruised because I found out she has a child and an ex-boyfriend, so I told her straight that I’m still young and I’m jealous, so I squeezed her arms and legs. As for sex, it’s sadistic. Western sex is already like this. I didn’t do anything that was too much. I did not assault her and I didn’t imprison her. We went to a liquor store in Rangsit together like a normal couple. As for the assault, if some things I did were wrong then I’ll admit it. But the parts where I wasn’t wrong, I won’t admit it. As for biting her genitals, I never did that. I am prepared to pay for her treatment and pay for the damages to get this over with.

In his statement, Khittiphot also noted that he has spoken to his father and will communicate with the police, adding that he will admit his wrongs.

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The victim hopes Khittiphot will be prosecuted to prevent him from hurting other women. She also warned women about the dangers of meeting people from dating applications.

“Don’t believe everything someone tells you on a dating app,” she said.

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