The Glenrothes Debuts “The 42”


The 42 is inspired by the colour and character of the distillery’s Highland home and 1,134 bottles are available worldwide.

The Glenrothes

When the media is invited for a whisky tasting session, there is a certain anticipation of what’s to come because we are often intrigued by how these whisky brands will introduce their products to us. We have five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. While the sense of taste is a no-brainer for a tasting session, enjoying a glass of Scotch would involve the remaining senses for a holistic experience. Nailing this to a tee was the launch of The Glenrothes 42 at Singapore’s 67 Pall Mall.

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The journey of The 42 starts with the first experience, where guests walk through a green foliage. This part of the mini tour explains the connection with nature that The Glenrothes has in producing some of their signature expressions. Leaving the “greenery” behind, a small reception area awaits and a wall featuring The Glenrothes 18 Years Old, 25 Years Old and 30 Years Old decorates the spaces. As for the welcome drink, it was a cocktail made with the 12 Years Old which the brand said it would discontinue producing.

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For the next leg of the tour, guests were ushered into a room where the spotlight was on The 42. A short CGI film was played to introduce the rare spirit before a door was made known and the final destination was revealed. It was a room with tables interspersed around, and lunch was next up on the agenda for the day. A four-course meal was specially curated by the chef to pair with the four expressions to be tasted: The Glenrothes 18 Years Old, 25 Years Old, 30 Years Old and 42 Years Old. 

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In the whisky world, there is no right or wrong regarding the age of a whisky expression. While there is a consensus that older whiskies tend to be more complex due to the ageing process, it is not the be-all and end-all. But for this special occasion, The 42 Years Old stood out as the star and is not without reason. The spirit is an amalgamation of hand-picked The Glenrothes Single Malt casks that have matured for more than four decades on the distiller’s estate. 

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Under the expert guidance of Master Whisky Maker Laura Rampling, she selected just four casks that met her criteria. The flavours of the liquids have reached “a pinnacle of flavour, producing a liquid that reflects the changing colours of the Rothes landscape and shines through in the vibrant flavour profile of the whisky.” 

On the nose, a comforting flora scent engulfs the senses with aromas of sun-ripened apricots, sugared almonds, orange peel and coriander seed. As the golden liquid coats the mouth, vanilla, honeycomb and fragrant orange oil give it a richly sweet taste likened to brown sugar. As for the finish, The 42 is creamy sweet and velvety with a hint of spiciness that doesn’t overpower the entire experience. Overall, The 42 has a myriad of colours waiting to be discovered and represents the numerous seasons of change that the whisky underwent to produce its unique quality.

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Sharing more about The 42, Laura Rampling said: “This 42-year-old whisky epitomises the character of The Glenrothes distillery. These four casks have taken our spirit on a journey of maturation over more than four decades, refining the original delicate and fruity character of our new make spirit without overpowering it. Part science, part alchemy and a little bit of magic, the result is a beautifully elegant whisky that truly allows the bright and vibrant character of The Glenrothes to sing.”

Just 1,134 bottles of The 42 will be available worldwide. For more information, head over to The Glenrothes website here.

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