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How pet lovers fly with style.

According to an Instagram post by Wealth: “Flying with your furry companion just got a whole lot classier! Pet owners can book a seat for their pet on a plane, allowing them to sit comfortably and travel in style. This luxury option is not for the budget-conscious, but for those who want to give their beloved pet the royal treatment!”

The same post also shared, “There are instances when the pets fly by themselves and they are treated just like any other passenger. The plane is stocked with their favorite treats and also with toys.”

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Per Private Jet Charter’s website, they offer a pet-friendly service: “Animal lovers, did you know that you can take your pets on board our aircraft? No need to leave them at home. We have over 30 years of experience flying animals on our pet-friendly private jets, so you know you’re in safe hands. We’ve flown pets such as cats and dogs to birds of prey and reptiles, and are always looking forward to the next pet flight.”

The website further states, “A flight can be a traumatic experience for a pet and unlike on a commercial flight, this trauma can be lessened on a pet-friendly private jet charter by the calming presence of their owner. On a private flight, pets can travel with their owner in the aircraft cabin, rather than in the hold.”

They shared the advantages of flying with your pet on a private jet, which includes: “comfort – pets travel in the aircraft cabin with their owner rather than in the hold, less traumatic travel experience – pets feel more relaxed, no limit on the number of pets with Private Jet Charter unlike commercial flights, fly any time of the year – no seasonal embargoes as with most airlines, and peace of mind – you won’t have to worry about leaving your pets behind at home or in a cargo hold.” 

Their website also provides a document checklist for reference which includes: pet passport, valid vaccinations, microchip documentation, and a fit for travel animal health certificate. To learn more about how to fly with your pets, visit

Banner photo via Private Jet Charter website.

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