Unconventional Beginnings: Anthony Rainelli and Charisse Go’s Not-So-Typical Love Story


From food trips to music shows, exciting travels to cozy days indoors, the two are happy to share all of life’s experiences together—even after a hectic first date. 

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s April 2023 Issue. 

Having been together for almost four years now, the time has finally come to celebrate their union after the pandemic pushed back their initial wedding date.Th e couple’s first date may not have started with a typical love story, but it certainly left an impression. 

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Anthony Rainelli and Charisse Go Wedding
Anthony Rainelli and Charisse Go


After meeting through a dating app, they decided to meet in Rockwell. Due to Anthony being late and spending most of his time in the comfort room, Charisse wondered if she was being ghosted. But Anthony asked to continue the date and the rest was history. Though their second meeting ended with a bleeding toe and a frantic search for a first-aid kit, Charisse still gave him another shot. 

Adventurous with food, music, and other experiences, the two are constantly on the lookout for new things to try. While adjusting to the pandemic, they had to switch over to Netflix, home cooked meals, and spending time with their six Maine Coon cats. 

Anthony Rainelli and Charisse Go Wedding

Once international travel was open again, Anthony asked Charisse’s parents for permission to take her on a trip abroad for New Year. Little did she know that he also asked if he could have her hand in marriage.

On a surprise trip to Dubrovnik, an old town in Croatia, it was time for Anthony to pop the question. After exploring the city on New Year’s Day, the couple had lunch at a restaurant in the mountains. 

Anthony Rainelli and Charisse Go Wedding

During a stroll around the cliffs with a stunning view, Anthony asked two Croatian girls to take a photo of him and his then girlfriend. When Anthony returned to the picture spot, he got down on one knee and proposed, which was met with a “yes” of course! It turned out that he had given the two girls a note, explaining his plan to them. “No wonder the girls were so giddy and were even shouting out of excitement while action was taking place,” Charisse says.

Anthony Rainelli and Charisse Go Wedding

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Photos by Matteo Fotografia.

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