Why You Should Use Zip for Travel


One of the big considerations about travelling is how to fund it.

Yes, there is a financial side to travelling.

The Zip app offers a solution as Debbie Wine, Chief Marketing Officer for Australia and New Zealand explains to Steve Collins.

Zip allows people to use credit as a way of paying for travel: for flights, accommodation, luggage, meals, shopping and anything to do with travel.

Even though the cost of living continues to rise, Aussies’ thirst for travel remains – Zip’s Jet Lag Not Debt Lag report has unveiled the six travel personalities by which Aussies travel. Debbie explains these six personality traits.

With Zip, you’ll pay nothing upfront. And repay fortnightly or monthly on a schedule and budget that best suits you.

Zip’s Single-Use card feature allows you to travel knowing that your card can’t be skimmed or scanned. With just a 1% transaction fee it’s a very cheap way to shop overseas.

Zip is available for download from both the Apple Store and Google Pay.

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