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Wake up and smell the sustainability. Howatson+Company’s innovative solution turns trash into media treasure.

Ad Nut does not need much to get a good night’s sleep. A tree, a branch, or even a hollowed-out log is enough to get squirrel-kind snoring. But apparently, humans need all sorts of fancy frills to get some shut eye, including high-quality mattresses.

Now, don’t get Ad Nut wrong. Ad Nut understands the importance of a good night’s sleep. After all, a well-rested squirrel is a happy squirrel. But do humans really need to invest so much in something as primal as sleep? And then, to toss these mattresses like yesterday’s acorns? Every year, over 1.8 million used mattresses are discarded in Australia alone. Not just an eyesore; it’s like an all-you-can-eat germs buffet out there. The thought of the bacteria-infested wasteful epidemic makes Ad Nut scratch its furry head in disbelief and bushy tail stand up in disgust.

Howatson+Company and mattress start-up 10PM have found an innovative way to tackle the problem. They’ve taken something mundane and turned it into a visually appealing work of art. All while raising awareness about sustainability and waste reduction.

Now that’s what Ad Nut calls using your noggin! Clever, witty and nuanced, Ad Nut likes that the creatives at Howatson+Company make long copy attractive again.



Agency: Howatson+Company
Founder/CEO: Chris Howatson
MD: Renee Hyde
ECD: Gavin Chimes
Creative directors: Michael Kleinman and Doug Hamilton
Art director: Raff Gandrabur
Copywriter: Zoe Finkelstein
Design director: Ellena Mills
Chief strategy officer: Dom Hickey
Group business director: Katy Ward
Business director: Sasha Thariani
Head of production: Holly Alexander
Senior editor: King Yong
Senior account director (PR): Melinda Durston
PR executive: Millie Clout

Production Company: Scoundrel
Director: James Dive

Executive producer: Adrian Shapiro
Producer: Charlie Taylor
DOP: Jordan Maddocks

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