Andbeyond Launches Online Platform To Inspire Travel Dreams


As we start a new year, luxury travel company andBeyond has launched its online Dream Board, aimed at encouraging those with a bad case of wanderlust to start envisaging and planning their upcoming adventures.The Dream Board can be found on the andBeyond website and features a carefully curated array of authentic experiences, immersive itineraries and luxurious accommodation from the three continents where the company operates, showcasing not only andBeyond’s own lodges and camps but the wide range of choice that its tour operating arm is able to offer. Presented in an intuitive and visually stimulating manner, the platform makes use of engaging graphics and beautiful photography to help guide visitors through creating an inspirational bucket list of the ultimate places to travel to and things to do.

Guests are led through a visual journey that is presented in a simple and easy to use manner, beginning by choosing which part of the world they would like to explore – Africa, Asia or South America. Next, they are asked to make simple selections to indicate what kind of traveller they are, with the ability to select more than one option allowing for a multi-faceted experience. Based on the preferences that they have indicated; explorers are presented with a variety of curated activities and accommodation choices that they can select to create the trip of their dreams. Travellers are then given the option to create a Dream Board account where they can store their selection for future reference, with the ability to clear and refine their previous choices. Once the Dream Board

has been created, guests have the option to share it with others and invite them to join the journey of discovery.

“The Dream Board is the ideal way for us to showcase the range of andBeyond’s offering in Africa, Asia and South America, while also giving our loyal supporters, many of whom are starved for travel opportunities, something to look forward to,” says Nicole Robinson, andBeyond CMO. “It is the perfect opportunity for travellers to explore some of the lesser-known destinations where we operate and to expand their travel horizons with the many authentic experiences on offer.”

In addition to activities and accommodation, the Dream Board also features travel inspiration in the form of blogs,videos  and podcasts featuring the destinations and experiences highlighted, thus enabling prospective travellers to bring their dreams to life.

To browse and create your own Dream Board, simply log on to and select the login option in the top right-hand corner.

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