Scammers use new tactic to cheat victim in Covid-19 sales scams


KUALA LUMPUR — The Federal Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) have detected a new modus operandi by using Covid-19 vaccine sales scams to cheat the victims.

In a statement, CCID Director Datuk Mohd Kamarudin Md Din said 38 police reports were received with losses amounting to RM54,500.

“In these cases, the victim will be contacted by scammers who pose as Health Officials and inform the victims that they were found selling vaccines via Facebook.

“The victim would panic with the allegation and they would then follow all their instructions, leading them to deposit money into the scammers’ bank accounts.” he said.

Also, Commissioner Mohd Kamarudin Md Din confirms that four police reports were lodged related to other Covid-19 vaccine issues.

He said these three police reports were due to scam activity selling Covid-19 vaccine to the public and one report related to the additional vaccine slot at the PPV which exceeds the total number of vaccines allocated.

So far eight individuals had been arrested to further assist in the investigation and later released on police bail pending investigations.

According to Mohd Kamarudin, one of the cases has been settled after the Attorney-General chambers decided no further action is to be taken due to insufficient evidence against the suspects. Investigations on the remaining three cases are still ongoing.

Mohd Kamarudin urged all the public to remain vigilant against scammers and to always check with the authorities if they have any doubts and urged to contact CCID Scam Response Centre via phone no 03-26101559/1599, if there is any doubt or information about commercial crime activity.

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